1. Fundamental science, physico-chemical principles and mechanisms in formulation

2. Design and engineering of formulations

3. Structure-property-relationship

4. Processing and Scale-up

5. Production, application and customer needs

6. Formulation at the interface and surface design

7. Process-based formulations

8. Biomedical, health and environmental aspects

9. Modeling and simulation on multiple scales (micro, meso, macro)

10. Characterization

11. All types of colloids, soft matter systems and/or structured liquids

12. Formulation on multiple scales

13. Challenges in Formulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

14. Special topic – coating:

 Impact of Formulation on Coating performance

• Coating Process, Drying and Curing Fundamentals

• Printing and Discrete Coatings in emerging applications

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